About God's Singing Children

The portrait of Ms. Lea's life has been a complicated journey filled with miraculous triumph. She has overcome incredible health challenges to share the extraordinary gifts and purpose of faith in healing. She overcame a stroke in 1984 when she was 29 years old. She was always driven by her faith and her ability to heal through song, and was ordained a song minister in 1991.

The sheer power of her vocals, combined with her incredible story, is enough to inspire hope even among the faithless. In her mission to carry faith to the world, she has written nearly 200 songs and is heavily involved in the production and distribution of her albums. Ms. Lea inspires optimism and empowers positivity for those struggling to overcome their own obstacles in life's sometimes tumultuous trials. She sings her faith to the world, renewing compassion in the brokenhearted and restoring belief in the hopeless. She is so thankful that she has had so many experiences with angels, and so many beautiful stories to tell through her years.

She has met her own guardian angel, Tara in 1989, and Archangels through the years. Ms. Lea has raised four children, and kept a large house. The Lord has blessed her life and healed her many times so she could go and minister to so many different churches, while serving as a full-time caregiver for a disabled retired minister since 2000. She also hosted a radio program for 11 years. She now has four grandchildren, and was a big part of their early years till she moved to Florida in 2009