Prayer Request

I have gone through a lot in my life time, a lot of heartaches, trials, and tears. The Lord called me in 1987 and gave me a gift to sing after losing the ability to talk right and doing two things at one time as most mothers can do, after a stroke in 1984. Also, that is when he gave me his calling to go into the world and minister to the brokenhearted and abused. In 1991 I was ordained as a song minister. In the years 1991-1992 I fought cancer. But in December of 1992 while getting ready for surgery the Lord had me ask the doctor to check one last time and by the hand of God the cancer was gone.

The devil will do anything he can to prevent you from doing God's work as I found out in 2007. But my faith and trust in the Lord and his love for me has lead me out into the world to help the abused, brokenhearted, and all who needs the Lord. I know we must do what is needed to help those Lord places in front of us. Remember The Lord said to be a Friend to everyone.