The Journey of God's Singing Children

As the Lead Singer of God’s Singing Children, as well as throughout her brilliant professional career, Terrie has routinely exhibited the passion, vision and dedication necessary to be considered among the best.

In 1987 the Lord put me with one of my older brothers. Than about 1989, he brought back to the Lord a brother I was raised with. He came to my church we were having a week revival. I had went to the front of the church at the altar to pray, but I couldn’t pray went back to my set, and look over at my brother, and said don't you know the Lord is waiting on you to come back to Him, He Loves you. That's all it took he gave his life back to the Lord that night. He said that is what he had been praying for. He wanted to know if the Lord wanted him back, and still loves him. He started singing with us after that. We stayed together till 1992 then my 2 daughters came in. Then my baby daughter got married. Then that left my second daughter. That's when we started making our albums. Now we have four albums out.

Our fifth album is in production right now. Now my grand-children are starting to write songs as young as they are. They will be singing with me on the fifth album. This is just a hitting a touch of my life as a Servant of God's Singing Children. I hope you will be blessed buying the songs the Lord has given me to put out for His people to be touched with. May the Lord touch your Hearts, Minds and Souls as you purchase His albums. God Bless you all is my Prayer.