Welcome to God's Singing Children

Terrie Lea is an Ordained Song Minister since 1991, Singer, Author, Composer, Publisher, and arranger of Christian music.

In 1987, the Lord healed her from a stroke and called her out to sing for the brokenhearted and abused. She has been gifted by God in songwriting and prophetic word.

Terrie Lea's sheer power of her vocals, combined with her incredible story, is enough to inspire hope even among the faithless. She has found out that giving up is the easy thing to do, but keeping the faith in the Lord that all be okay in the end is what has gotten her through this life.

Terrie Lea inspires optimism and empowers positivity for those struggling to overcome their own obstacles in life's sometimes tumultuous trials. She sings her faith to the world, renewing compassion in the brokenhearted and restoring belief in the hopeless.